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Free Initial Assessment

Before you commit to either the Recovery Workbook or counselling, we will have an initial assessment. This can be a simple 30 minute chat on Zoom, or over the telephone if you prefer, where you can give me an idea of what you are struggling with and you will also be able to ask questions about me. This way you will be able to gauge whether you feel I am the right counsellor to help you, which is extremely important. If you live nearby you may prefer to hold your assessment at my counselling room.

This assessment is free of charge and does not commit you to anything.

man having telephone counselling

Recovery Workbook Sessions - £70 per 90 minutes. 

You will receive a physical copy of the Recovery Workbook which we will go through together, systematically, from start to finish. It is specifically designed to help you understand what happened to you, how it happened and why it can still affect you now, even though you may have left the Jehovah's Witnesses some time ago.

Sessions are longer than regular 'counselling' to allow time for a greater understanding of the psychological processes you have been subjected to. This is sometimes called 'Psychoeducation'.

Clients tend to come from all over the world so sessions will take place online via Zoom, unless you are close enough to attend in person at my practice in Southport.

Click here to request more information about the Recovery Workbook


Counselling Sessions - £45 per hour or £60 per 90 minutes.

My clients are spread all over the world so a vast majority of the counselling takes place online using Zoom (or similar). I undertook enhanced training for online counselling in an effort to provide the highest quality service, so wherever you are in the world, or even if you just prefer to stay at home for your sessions, you can still access the help you need.

person using a laptop for online counselling
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If you live close enough your sessions can take place at my discreet counselling room in Ainsdale, Southport. The room is located in my private garden. Tranquil, relaxing and secluded.

Click here to request more information about counselling sessions.

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